Kış geliyor ve Ebruli tür Yün İpten Kalın şiş yardımı ile (oklava ile de olur) Ebruli iple Atkı Örneği,Renkli Tığ işi Örgü Boyun Fuları,Atkı örülüşü,Videolu ve açıklamalı.

Bu son 2015 senesinde Türkiye’de de oldukça Moda olan her iki ucu birbirine dikili Örme boyna dolanan Bayan Atkı Modeli bu örnek ile gerçekten çok şık olmuş.


Bu örneğin Resimli anlatımı sitemiz de Fırça Sapıyla Örgü Şal örneğinde de var. Fakat bu örneği örmek için Oklava Örneği veya Cetvel Örneği diye de bilen arkadaşlar var.

Bu kadar kalın şiş bulmakta zorlanırsanız aynı kalınlıkta bir sopa dahi size bu örneği örmeniz de yardımcı olacaktır.


Eğer birde bu şekilde Ebruli Örgü ipi ile Atkı Modeli örerseniz sizin de bu kadar şık her elbise ve Pardösü uyum sağlayacak renkte bir Atkınız olur.

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Bu örnek ile kendinize Akıllı Şal denilen farklı şekiller de takılan Örme Şalları örebilirsiniz. Bhookedcrochet (broomstick-lace-infinity-scarf) Yotube kanalını beğenerek diğer Örgü örneklerine de bakabilirsiniz.


Tığ boyu 5,5 mm olarak kullanılırken örnek için 50 numara Örgü şişi kullanılmış. Tabu bu değerler Amerika için geçerli sanırım ölçüler bizde de aynıdır. Örneğe 30 zincir çekilerek başlanıyor.

Videonun İngilizce Konuşma Metni

welcome back to be hot crocheted acecomm on your test for any
0:17into this tutorial on you demonstrate how to crochet
0:20the broomstick lace card the free pattern that’s available at the Huskers
0:25a dot com
0:25and you can find the link and more information about that
0:28pattern in the description below
0:35but this is a real you’re going to me
0:36once keener red heart boutique unforgettable in the
0:41SI’s a US$50 midday meal a size five and a half million hear her say her
0:47darning needle and a pair of scissors to begin her scarf we need to start of
0:53by creating a slip knot
1:03and if you’re following along with the written pattern at this point we need to
1:0630 so this lou but i hook never counts
1:10as the chain will start off by wrapping the yarn pull through
1:14for one chain wrap the yarn go through
1:17for two chains and repeat that and he have a total of 30 chains
1:36once you have all thirty chains we can set this aside for just a moment
1:40and at this point we’re gonna start using are knitting needle
1:44now for the purpose of this tutorial I’m going to be working
1:47on a table however I recommend the easiest way
1:51to start working in the broomstick lace is to place an enemy No
1:55between your knees and it’s a lot easier to control that way
1:58but for now I’m just gonna lay it down and what we would do is pull up that
2:05that we were working on and we’re going to play said
2:09on our net income and then use wanna pull
2:14that tension so it’s a little bit tight
2:17we want to be able to move up and down the meeting me don’t but we don’t want
2:21to follow
2:22now once you have that done
2:27you’re just gone into your hook into the very next chain
2:31wrap the yarn
2:34and pull through that chain and then continue to call that
2:38loop up and then you’re gonna place that
2:41on your knitting needle and pull the slack
2:50now into your hook into the next chain your number
2:54horrible loop
2:58and then place that Luke on
3:01committing no we saw a repeat this for every chain
3:05and at the end do you want to
3:09count your lips just to make sure you have 30
3:41when you’re finished with that step a near-certain you have thirty loops
3:44on an enemy No that’s important for this pattern because a broomstick lace is
3:48work did not oppose a five so if you don’t have a multiple of five
3:51you’re going to have problems at the end of the next a row when you get to this
3:57this is my tail coming out here and this chain right here
4:01is my working yarn now what I wanna do is just grab that working yarn in poland
4:07up to the backside now they’re
4:12two different ways to work the loops of %uh view knitting needle
4:15the first two way I’m going to demonstrate is by keeping all of them
4:19on the needle and the next row art show you the other method
4:24it’s all personal preference hear what you wanna do you
4:27is place your hook under me
4:315 lips may have to work this a little bit
4:36this is one of the reasons why i wanna work your lips somewhat loose
4:41on your knitting needle by our place your Nino
4:44under 5 loops and now will pick up for working out again we can collect up in
4:51her hand just like
4:53we normally do and now we’re just gonna yarn over
4:56that working yarn and we’re gonna pull that
4:59through and then we went chain 1
5:03now this chain one is not counting as a stage it’s simply
5:07acting as a secure
5:10stitch in order to keep are
5:14working yarn in the proper place sense
5:17when we started out this row are working on with T down here at the bottom
5:22now we’ve secured up to the top up the slopes which is where we’re going to
5:25work our next row
5:27now at this point weekend sly and
5:31are leaps up and we just want to slide
5:34of the five lips that
5:37we’ve worked on so we went into this very carefully
5:41and more just pull those 5 leaps over the tip and now
5:46you can please back down if you want so they don’t fall off here
5:49knitting needle
5:52and then collect appear yarn anyone to
5:56twist these fine leaps
6:00and they already
6:03kind of twist naturally because of how we secured
6:07this stitch on your and so
6:10we want to just make sure that they’re sweeping and the same direction for
6:15every stitch
6:16know what I’m doing here
6:21is just collecting at my are in the objective here is to single crochet
6:25five times into the center all of these
6:29group now I like to stick my finger through just to hold it in place
6:34and I’m just gonna enter my her can make my first
6:37single crochet and now want to do that
6:43again this will be a total
6:59for I’m
7:01hi now as I said I remind you again that Cheney no one does not count as a stitch
7:07it simply just locking are new rule
7:11into place now we just need to locate the next five loops in line
7:18and I’m just gonna clase
7:21my hook underneath our family those lips
7:30months to do that and will pick up the working yarn again
7:34we will try to make this state relatively tight because what we’re
7:38doing here is
7:39were crocheting this first broomstick stitch
7:43there we made to this one and if we have a really low single crochet here will
7:48have some
7:49whatever gap in between the two have fun so making sure I’m polling pretty tight
7:54on this working on I’m just going to you
7:57rapid over my homework and then I want to call
8:01that through those loops and pull up the lips and now we have
8:05tulips honor hook for a yarn over
8:09importer both up those lips and not a single crochets we’ve made our
8:15first a five single crochet ASSOCHAM
8:18understand the slide these down because I want to remove
8:22these last five that I just worked
8:25and what it’s like this back
8:33okay now use want to
8:37let farm naturally and place
8:40so I can see they’re both sleeping in the same direction
8:44and we want to have a total other five single crochets
8:49for every single broomstick stage and so we’ve created the first one there
8:53so we just wanna make for more single crochets
9:17alright now I’ve got that stage completed and work in a low-key
9:23our next 5 stitches
9:26and this is i repeat we’re just gonna do this all the way across the row
9:31pick up the working yarn
9:37again making sure this is relatively tight
9:41and then
9:45finishing missing worker Shane once you get that states in place it’s safe to
9:51call our
9:51those five loops
10:04and single crochet four more times they want to actually catch all the sloops
10:09make sure they’re all in their place
10:34okay and now we’re simply going to repeat that for the remaining leaps
10:39honor hook
10:40so go ahead and create your last broomstick stitches
10:44know pick back up at the end of this room
10:48when she finished up your last broomsticks said
10:54it’s a good idea to count your single crochets at the top
10:57wanna make sure that you have 30 stitches and want you certainly have 30
11:02stitches were raided start working the next room
11:04we’re gonna grab her knitting needle again and I’m going to pull up
11:13this working group from where I made my last single crochet
11:17and then just place that on my knitting needle
11:20now I’m just going to turn my work
11:25so that I’ve got the back side facing up and we’re going to be working in the
11:30back loop
11:31only are single crochet stitches so if you turn this
11:35up to the top tour you can see the bees
11:39were only working into this
11:42back loop right here we’re doing that to create a little ridge
11:47at the front a farce car sorry as well okay
11:52our next stitch wearing a place i hook
11:56into that back Luke many are now over and pull up a loop
12:01and then place that leap on a needle
12:11now and into the next
12:13stage the back with only no number
12:16can pull up the loop play sell it by ear hook
13:18once you’ve worked all the loops onto your knitting needle and you’re certain
13:2230 will start on the next yr a sub got my working you’re in here and again
13:27I just wanted take this to the back side
13:31so they’re couple different ways to die go through the bottom like a state or
13:35you can go over the top
13:36doesn’t really matter as long as you’re working hard is coming from
13:40the backside I mentioned before that
13:44for this really I’m gonna show you a different way have working the loops
13:48of love your natal this second method
13:52it actually starts out the same so you want to find the first
13:565 clips drought that working on for now
14:00place May hook under ni
14:04these five lips and again
14:07I’m gonna yarn over and then pull that through
14:11and I’m good chain 1 10 lakh the stitch in place
14:16but that’s not counting as stage and then when I wouldn’t do differently here
14:22as I’m gonna remove
14:23all Philips from the many dome at once
14:26now if you choose to do this meant that you want to be sure
14:30that you’re careful about how tight
14:33you pull these because
14:36the loops as they are when they come off the knitting needle
14:40they are not secure so they can
14:43move up or down you know they can become smaller
14:48are larger see you wanna make sure that you have
14:51a pretty stable work space if you’re going to use this method
14:54now this method I feel like
14:58is quicker then working of it the knitting needle
15:01but it’s not is me in appearance
15:04so you can choose whichever way you like I’m just simply going to Paul
15:10that chain 1 over to kind of open up my stitch a little bit
15:14am gonna place five single crochets
15:18into that stitch
15:24so this part is the same working five single crochets just like
15:48okay and what we want to do is find the next
15:525 loops so I just place them on my finger
16:09okay and once you’ve got your five you wanna make sure you
16:12you’re turning it in the same direction because we want
16:16are stitches to match and then what is gonna put her hook into the center at
16:22that new stitch
16:23and single crochet and again you wanna make the single crochet
16:27a little bit tight because we’re unlocking these two stitches together
16:32and again I want to pull that stitch over to the side
16:36just too can have open up the street a little bit
16:40talks with the shape a lot to do it that way
16:44and again we’re gonna put a total of five single crochets
17:07her and pick up the next five
17:16me want to turn them in the same direction
17:20and single crochet
17:44to finish up this row we’ve got a few more broomsticks to just to make
17:48only back up at the end in this room once you’ve reached the end of this row
17:55again you an account you’re single crochet stitches
17:58make sure you have a total of 30 and they are probably noticing at this point
18:03how messy the stitches are looking and that’s pretty characteristic up a
18:06broomstick lace
18:07specially when working with the a finer worsted weight yarn
18:11like we are here slur couple of ways
18:14to fix your stitches and
18:18honestly its gonna improve a whole lot
18:21as you go along but I just like to finger block my scarf as I’m working
18:26and so our poll up on the stitches
18:29to kinda open them up
18:32on the side and into the big things
18:35I feel like makes a big difference is spreading the single crochet stitches
18:39out a little bit because when you stretch them out
18:43it puts more stress on these
18:46sweeping drop two loops there
18:49and it sort of opens up the stage
18:52and makes it look a little bit neater
19:02now we’re gonna do at this point is
19:05repeat the same her that we just did we finished our single crochet so we’re now
19:10going to start working our lips
19:12onto our knitting so again I’m gonna pull up the slope
19:17from this can place it directly on the needle and then
19:24you want to flip your scar save at the back side facing up
19:28RAM locate the first its nominee show
19:31a little bit of a closer view up the first is that you need to work in the
19:36tests can sometimes cause a little bit %uh problems
19:39and your overall count at the end it’s very tempting
19:44free to go into this back loop
19:47right here because this one feels like it’s the first stitch
19:50but really it’s the states that we’ve already
19:54worked this slip-on so if we were to put another
19:58loop here we would have two groups coming from the same state in
20:03it’s not a huge deal but it is gonna mess up your account at the very
20:07and so actually can’t jump over
20:10to the next stage that next back later
20:14and your number and pull that lube up
20:18and onto our nato
20:21and at this point everything else
20:25is exactly the same you can choose whichever method
20:29to work the lips of now works for you
20:32and again as I said there are so many different ways of holding this needle
20:36to make it go faster now working on the table as I’m doing here
20:41for me doesn’t quite work as I said I like to work
20:45of her my with my knitting needle in between my knees
20:49and that works best for me I’ve heard people putting it under their arm
20:54or though stick it between the couch cushions
20:58you know depending on where you doing this you’ll find something that works
21:02and after you’ve worked several rows
21:05you’ll start to get the hang of it no-go really fast
21:08that’s the cool thing about this pattern it makes a great gift
21:12because it looks like a
21:15it take it has taken you forever to crochet but in all reality
21:20since these rose are so tall
21:23and actually online takes a few hours to complete a scar
21:28now the pattern calls for 35% for others
21:35broomsticks to chill when I C 35 rose I’m not counting
21:39actual rose because you know technically you can count
21:42where we’re like this step here we’re putting the leaves you can count that as
21:46a row
21:47and then missing OCR share on top in as a different one
21:50we’re not counting that way we’re counting this entire section
21:55as one row and so it’s written in the written pattern
21:58as a they first pass in the second Paso the first pass
22:03is the loops that we’re working onto our knitting needle
22:07this second pass is the single crochet
22:10of updating me know and so we’re using that
22:14collectively to represent one
22:18row so at this point
22:22you should pass your video
22:25work up your scarf into you have
22:2935 rose have broomsticks stitches
22:32and we meet back up well talk about how to you
22:37join the two ends in order to make this
22:40a circle scarf or an infinity scarf if you well
22:44and we will be all
22:55so once you finish crocheting of 35 Arosa
22:58the broomstick state it’s time for us to bind up see wanna make sure you leave
23:02yourself a tale that’s at least
23:04two times as long as the scarf is wide we’re gonna be using this
23:10to you tired the two ends together so he’s gonna leave yourself a nice long
23:16and I’m gonna pull that hill through the loop on my hook
23:20when she got that situated
23:29you can thread returning needle and we’re gonna be whip stitching this
23:37to the other antivirus car
23:40see wanna go ahead and grab it and I’ve got it so that the two
23:45wrong sides are together so the sides with all the
23:48the visible stitches that’s the right side and here is the wrong side some
23:53just gonna be
23:53laying these two together and that’s where I’m gonna start
23:59sewing them wench
24:05got that situated in I’m gonna start by
24:08me putting the tail just working at underneath the next stitch
24:13and then when you’re looking at the other end of your work
24:16it’s gonna look a little bit different because this is are originally
24:19cast on edge and it doesn’t have a very clean visible braided like carbine of
24:26edge did so he’s going to do the best you can
24:30and try to find every stitch
24:34so you wanna try to put one whip stitch
24:37into every stage now where we’re sure that it’s secure
24:40and so you just go through
24:44the first sign in through the back and then you locate your next stitch
24:50and then feed it through
24:55new bring it back through the front
25:54okay once you’ve made it to the other side you should end up
25:57with the tail portion
26:01from where we started and I just like to tie the east to you
26:05tales together just for a little
26:09extra security
26:17and then we can leave them and to hide details
26:26okay I’m attorneys just a little bit shorter because I don’t need them at
26:31and now to weak demand
26:36im gonna put this over onto the
26:39inside and I’m actually just going to leave these two im
26:45together some thread both these tales
26:48onto my journey don’t and I’m just gonna work it
26:57into the scene now shouldn’t be visible
27:01on the other side that’s why I’m not too worried that I am
27:04weaving the two tales in together even though they’re different colors
27:08and just like I always do I like to even under
27:12a few in the stitches and not come back
27:16in going the other direction back again for
27:24got enough room
27:33now once you’ve got sick you think you’re safe to go ahead and
27:36trim our most he hopes
27:39mind at this point now your scar
27:43is all finished this concludes our tutorial today on the broomstick lace
27:52to free parents fail but be have discretion acecomm I meet us pretty
27:56until next time stay tuned for more free tutorials and free patterns from be
28:00helped crush a dot com




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